How to build a plumbing website that generates leads

How to design a plumbing website that generates leads

As a plumber, you know that a website is a great way to generate leads. But you need to know how to build a plumbing website so that it generates the most leads? We have a few quick design tips to improve your sites:

  1. Make sure your website is easy to navigate. Visitors should be able to find what they’re looking for quickly and easily. The buttons and links should be easy to find and the website should be easy to use.
  2. Make sure your website is up-to-date. Visitors will be more likely to trust a website that has been regularly updated.
  3. Make sure your website is well-designed. A professional look will help to build trust with potential customers.
  4. Write clear and concise copy. The copy on the website should be easy to understand and informative. Make sure you have covered all the services you offer and the website is keyword-rich. This is key to the success of your website, we have seen too many times trade websites being created that are too thin on content to be indexed properly by Google. Without good keyword-focused copy, Google will have no idea what you are offering and who to! If you need help with this get in touch with us.
  5. Use call-to-action buttons on every page and multiple times if there is a lot of content! The call-to-action buttons on the website should be obvious to enable potential customers to easily get in touch with you.

Tips for creating the perfect plumbing website

A plumbing website needs to be well-designed in order to generate leads. Here are some tips for designing a plumbing website:

1. How important is good website design when it comes to generating leads from a plumbing website? 

Design is important for any website, but especially for a plumbing website. If your website is cluttered or difficult to navigate, potential customers may not stay on your site long enough to learn about your services or contact you. Good website design will make your plumbing website easy to use and visually appealing, which can help you generate more leads.  

2. What are some common web design mistakes that plumbers make when creating their website? 

Some common web design mistakes that plumbers make when creating their website include not having a website at all, having a website that is not user-friendly, and having a website that is not updated regularly. Plumbers should also make sure that their website is optimised for search engines and that they include relevant keywords in their website copy. Additionally, you should ensure that their website is easy to navigate and that all of their contact information is prominently displayed.  

3. How can you make sure that your website is effective in generating leads? 

There are a few ways to make sure your website is effective in generating leads. One way is to make sure your website is well-optimised for search engines. This means making sure your website’s content is high-quality and keyword-rich, and that your website’s structure is easy to navigate. You can also promote your website through online advertising and social media marketing. And, finally, you can make sure your website’s design is attractive and user-friendly.  

4. What are the pages that you should include on your plumbing website? 

Some key elements that you should include where possible on your plumbing website are:

Home page 

With an overview of your services and where you offer them

Pages for each of your services

Ideally, you need a page for every service you offer, this is because your potential customers will be looking for a specific service and search engines will want to show the result that answers the query best and most directly. For instance, if your plumbing business specialises in heating, you could have pages on, Boiler Installations, Boiler Repairs, Boiler Servicing, Powerflushing, and Radiators.

About Us

A page about you and your team, with photos so that potential customers can see who they are dealing with and what your experience is, it builds authority and lets them know more about your business. If you need help an about us page

one check out this article.

A portfolio of your previous projects

By showcasing your work you give your visitors can see the types of jobs that you have done in the past, give them inspiration for their own job, it also means they can see how you work and the quality of the work that you do.

A Contact Us page

A Contact Us page means that potential customers can quickly get in touch with you, this only needs to be a simple page with contact information so visitors can easily contact you. Add a contact form so that they can get hold of you directly from the website.

Pages specific to your location

This isn’t essential when launching your website, however, it can help get your website get found when potential customers are searching for your services in their local area. If you are based in Woking then all of the above content should be targeting your services in Woking. But you want potential customers to find you in the surrounding areas as well! Therefore you will need to create pages for the larger places nearby like Guildford, Weybridge, and Chertsey, as well as smaller places like Windlesham, Brookwood, and Send. You choose where you want to target and with a bit of time you should start seeing enquiries that are a bit closer to home!! With these pages, you need to make sure that the content isn’t all exactly the same and is thorough enough to be seen as useful to a potential customer, the important thing to remember is that search engines like Google want to show the most useful result for any given search. This is exactly how they get you to come back every time you search on their platform.

5. How can you make sure that your website stands out from the competition?

There are a few ways to make sure your website stands out from the competition. You can create a unique and memorable design for your website, make sure your website is easy to use, and offers valuable content that is not available on other websites. You can also promote your website through online marketing campaigns and search engine optimisation techniques.  

Add Reviews to your website

Show reviews from your customers on your website, this will give your website the “social proof” that customers need to make the decision to get in touch with you. You have probably done the same thing when you make a purchase online, you want to know what people that have already bought the product think about it. It’s exactly the same for your services, you might not have any reviews at the moment, don’t worry just ask previous happy customers to write one for you. Our suggestion would be to ask them to add this to your Google Business Profile, a review on there will also enhance the performance of your profile on search.

Use original images where you can

Stock images can be a great way to fill the space on your website with relevant images. But in the case of a Plumbing business where you physically go to a customer’s home, it helps build more trust having your branded vehicles and your team wearing uniforms on your website.

Optimise for mobile phones

Mobile Responsive Website Design
Example of Mobile Responsive Web Design

63% of all search queries are now made from mobile phones, therefore if your website isn’t compatible with mobile devices you are missing out on most of your potential leads! Whilst it is the norm in 2022 for websites to be designed with mobile browsers in mind, not every web designer does this by default and many older websites won’t be compatible at all.

Make sure you display any qualifications or memberships you have

By displaying your gas safe number or any other qualifications or memberships your business has you are further building the authority for your business to any potential customer. Make sure you link to the profile for each of these if there is one so that your membership can be checked!

Want plumbing leads faster than this?

We can help! Our lead generation service sends leads directly to your inbox, and the best part is that we take care of the whole process for you. For a fixed monthly fee we create ad campaigns and landing pages for your services that target people that are already looking for your service in your area. Unlike creating a website from scratch and trying to get it to rank organically which can take 3-6 months or more it generally only takes a week to get this set up.

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The best way to design a plumbing website that generates leads is to make sure that it is user-friendly and easy to navigate. The website should also have a prominent call to actions so that users can easily contact your plumbing company. In addition, the website should be updated regularly with fresh content so that users will keep coming back. By following the tips above you should have a website that performs well over time, but don’t neglect it, you need to then use the data that is generated to further optimise your sites SEO or let us do it for you. If you need a new website for your plumbing business or just help with an existing one. Get in touch!

Written by Nick Jolliffe

Nick is the co-founder of Trades Get Online. He has nearly 20 years of assisting trade businesses to reach their goals and is passionate about achieving success.

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